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Robin Hood’s Bay Museum

Interior picture - Robin Hoods Bay Museum

Welcome to the

Robin Hood's Bay and Fylingdales Museum, which is situated in the old Coroner's Room and Mortuary.

This small museum in the heart of the village houses fascinating collections and displays of local interest.

Entry is FREE.

Run entirely by volunteers this is a 'must see' while in Bay!

2024 OPENING: We aim to open our little Museum regularly from 12 - 4 at busy times, but we are dependent on volunteers.

If YOU are willing to help, please email museum@rhbay.co.uk  FOR FULL OPENING DATES AND TIMES see here.

On 31st July 1891, the building was purchased on a 1000 year lease by Rev. R.J. Cooper, Vicar of Fylingdales Parish.  It seems to have been a small cottage built into the upward slope of the land. At his own expense the Vicar had the downstairs room converted into a Coroner’s Room, and a mortuary built against its east wall.

From 1900 it was used as a Reading Room for the people of Bay, yet remaining available for its original purpose. Newspapers and periodicals were provided and books purchased for loan. The Reading Room and Library flourished for many years but eventually closed in 1987. The building now houses our Museum.