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Robin Hood’s Bay Museum


The museum has only three rooms but a lot of local interest is crammed into this small space!

The old Coroner's Room, converted from an old cottage by the Rev. Cooper in 1891, has displays about fishing and shipping in Bay including details of some of the many shipwrecks and rescues that have occurred here. Artefacts include items from the last lifeboat to be stationed in Bay and several models of some of the sailing ships associated with the village.

Smuggling was once a flourishing activity in Bay. Read about who was involved (it may surprise you!) what was smuggled (that may be a surprise as well!) and see what contraband you can discover hidden about the person of the old fisherwife!

Upstairs there are displays about the local Friendly Societies, including our prize possession, the original banner of the Robin Hood and Little John Friendly Society. 1000 years of Fylingdales history is described with the aid of a series of old maps, while details of some old Bay families are also displayed.

In the old mortuary are artefacts depicting life in and around the village over the centuries, 'from the cradle to the grave'.

Interior Picture - Robin Hoods Bay Museum Interior Picture - Robin Hoods Bay Museum

We have re-published what has been called “The best book on  Robin Hood’s Bay ever written”:

“A History of Robin Hood’s Bay”

by Barrie Farnill. This 112 page book costs just £6 and is available at the Museum, or from local shops, e.g. Muir Lea Stores, Station Road Stores,

and Chapel Street Bookshop.